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A Special Salem Saves Animals Event


Salem Saves Animals: A Halloween Celebration

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Salem Saves Animals will be hosting their annual fundraiser on Halloween at the Salem Witches' Circle on Salem Commons October 31st at 5pm, where Lorelei will be honoring all abused animals, especially the 3 dogs - Love, Light, and Won - that were allegedly killed by Jason Gentry, along with Christian Day and Leanne Marrama, who will honor those who have passed, as they do every year. This is a circle you can come to honor those you have lost. Lorelei also will be donating all her readings and tips to Salem Saves Animals this day, in addition to donations by Christian and Leanne.

Lorelei will be accepting phone readings if you cannot make it in person, and if we cannot fit you in to the schedule that day, we will donate your reading when we can fit you in. We will also have Salem Saves Animals Tank Tops, Hoodies, and Tote Bags available as gifts with donation.

Refugee Miran Fathalla, 18, admitted stealing our donation canister, and that just made our supporters rally harder, standing even stronger with us for animal rights and welfare.

Donations keep coming supporting our efforts to help cats, dogs and other animals in need. We are proud supporters of our local K-9 unit. We’d like to thank our loyal supporters for standing strong with us as we not only stand up for abused and neglected animals, but stand up to confirmed animal abusers, such as Revere puppy killer, Jason Gentry, who faces multiple counts of animal cruelty. Salem Saves Animals went to court to raise our voices and protest Gentry and others who harm our otherwise helpless animals.

It is our hope that Fathalla, who already faces theft charges in two other cases, will face swift and severe justice, as he literally stole from the mouths of innocent and vulnerable animals. Help support our fight for animal welfare in spite of this act—perhaps also a cry for mental health help, which we hope Fathalla receives. Here is how you can help -

Come visit us at Crow Haven Corner and donate to Salem Saves Animals in person or use this link to donate through PayPal: