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Salem Saves Animals "Black Cat Friday" Fundraiser!

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Salem Saves Animals will be holding a "Black Cat Friday" on Friday, Nov. 25! This Black Friday event will raise awareness for our cats.

Lorelei cordially invites you to our event in this video!

All proceeds from Lorelei's psychic readings that day will go to Salem Saves Animals! Lara and Daniel Fury of Salem's Black Cat Tours will also be contributing part of their tour earnings. We will be donating to the local K-9 unit and to Carol "The Cat Lady," who rescues hundreds of cats a week and feeds over 300 feral cats!

All day long we will be selling Salem Saves Animals merchandise at the Crow Haven Corner: cups, cat caps, sweatshirts, and other gifts! And then from 5 to 9 we will be at our neighbor shop "I Remember Salem," where we will be casting a circle!

Cupcakes, cookies, and other snacks will be provided, and we are expecting a belly dance from the lovely Linda!

During the event Lorelei will make some important announcements about Salem Saves Animals and the New Mexico animal protection ordinance. Salem Saves Animals has earned its 501-c non-profit status, and it will be celebrating upcoming milestone events, including the passing of new animal protection laws in Massachusetts. The new laws come right after the Lorelei's October 26 hearing for her attempt to provide water to a dog in a hot car in August: the court dropped the charges from criminal to civil.

Details on the hearing outcome are available at The Wild Hunt.

If you cannot attend our event but wish to still contribute to Salem Saves Animals, please consider donating through our PayPal link:

Salem Saves Animals Summer Fundraiser!

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Our Summer Fundraiser was held on Friday, August 26th, from 5pm to 9pm at Crow Haven Corner!

Donations will be going to Carol the Cat Lady and Fireman Jon Spofford, a local wildlife rescuer, so they can keep doing the great work they do, as well as to our local K-9 unit.

We concluded our evening with a full magic circle to raise the energy for all our animal friends in need!

You can see photos and details at the new Salem Saves Animals website.

Salem Saves Animals: Springtime Fundraiser!

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Lorelei and Leanne wish to thank every one of you who came to last weekend’s Salem Saves Animals fundraiser event! We had a wonderful time meeting new faces and seeing old friends, and we were delighted with the great turnout.

Salem Saves Animals gives special thanks to our guests for this magical evening. Mahsati graced us with a beautiful belly-dance performance before we cast our witches’ circle, to raise the energy to protect our pets and the innocent animals around us. We also had guest presentations from Jon the firefighter, who explained his work with rescuing and rehabilitating raccoons, and Carol the Cat Lady, who discussed her cat rescue programs around the North Shore.

We also wish to thank Spinelli Italian Foods for their delicious entrees!

All of the proceeds from the evening event were given to John, Carol, and Salem’s K-9 unit.

We are now working on saving three dogs and a cat, and we want to thank you because without you they wouldn’t survive. You truly are saving lives. You are our heroes.

If you missed our event but wish to still contribute to Salem Saves Animals, please consider donating through our PayPal link:

Watch Mahsati perform her belly dance and the Crow Haven witches cast their magical circle in this new video!


Salem Saves Animals: A Magical Holiday Fundraiser

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On Sunday the 27th Salem Saves Animals will be holding a day-long holiday fundraiser at the Crow Haven Corner, Salem's Oldest Witch Shop! Lorelei, Salem's Famous Love Clairvoyant and founder of Salem Saves Animals, will be performing a magical circle to raise energy for the New Year. This energy will be aimed at honoring the New Year, blessing all animals, and inspiring new animal protection laws and policies.

From 5 to 8 PM special guests and magical gifts will appear! The gifts will include hoodies for humans and sweaters and toys for dogs!

Lorelei will be offering her one-of-a-kind psychic readings, which come with a personalized spell for you. She will be reading in person in her famous Egyptian Room, or you can call (978) 745-8763 to arrange a reading by phone! All proceeds from her readings that day will be donated to Salem Saves Animals.

Come visit us at Crow Haven Corner and donate to Salem Saves Animals in person or use this link to donate through PayPal:

Salem Saves Animals at the Salem Court House

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On Tuesday, December 8 Salem Saves Animals will be at the Salem Court House to protest for justice against Jason Gentry. Gentry is accused of killing two dogs in Revere and alleged to have killed a third. The court's conditions stipulated that he not own any animals or even be around them, yet he was recently found again with dogs. Salem Saves Animals is protesting that justice be served for all the dogs that have been killed or harmed. Anyone interested in participating in the event should please contact Lorelei via email.

Lorelei Cast Her Famous "Apple Love" Spell for the Boston Globe!

In October the Boston Globe visited Lorelei, Salem's Love Clairvoyant, at the Crow Haven Corner. In her Egyptian Room she cast her "Apple Love" spell for one of the cameramen, to attract love and romance into his life!
Read the full story at

Salem Saves Animals: A Halloween Celebration

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Salem Saves Animals hosted their annual fundraiser on Halloween at the Salem Witches' Circle on Salem Commons, where Lorelei honored all abused animals, especially the 3 dogs - Love, Light, and Won - that were allegedly killed by Jason Gentry, along with Christian Day and Leanne Marrama, who honored those who had passed. The free event invited attendees to honor those they had lost. Lorelei also donated all her readings and tips to Salem Saves Animals this day, in addition to donations by Christian and Leanne.

Details on the event are available on this page.

Mojo Spells at the shop and online!

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Lorelei is proud to present her famous Mojo Spells, prepared by her and her team of witches at Crow Haven Corner's one-of-a-kind Mojo Altar!
Be sure to visit the Mojo Altar when you come to our shop in Salem and pick out the herbal blend and magical stones that speak to you, and our witches will bless and charge a Mojo Bag for you to keep at home or carry with you!
Lorelei prepares every Mojo herbal spell with a blend of up to five or six magical herbs and blesses them on New and Full Moon rituals to give them their charge. Find your spell jars in our Salem shop or order them online through our new page!

Spell Cords by Laurie Cabot!

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The Crow Haven Corner proudly presents a unique collection of spell cords handmade by Laurie Cabot, Salem's Official Witch!
Each spell cord is a one-of-a-kind creation assembled from beautiful, powerful charms and talismans. Laurie Cabot has blessed and charged each cord to give it a specific purpose, including protection, love, wealth, and more! Visit our shop in Salem to see them, or order yours online through our new page!

Salem Saves Animals

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Lorelei and Leanne held a Salem Saves Animals event on July 17! Lorelei, Salem's Famous Love Clairvoyant, offered psychic readings all day, and all proceeds went to Salem Saves Animals, her animal rescue cause!
Lorelei and Leanne cast a ritual to raise the energy to attract love and light for all of the visitors. They also did an outdoor circle at the fire pit for their benefit! Participants were invited to make a wish and give it power by casting it into the fire.
Lorelei and Leanne made protection baskets for cats and dogs with Salem's Official Witch, Laurie Cabot.
They hosted a speaker known as the Cat Lady, who rescues thousands of cats a year. Proceeds included donations to her cause and to the local K-9 unit. The K9 Unit also stopped by for a visit.

Please consider donating to Lorelei's animal rescue cause by clicking the button below:

New "poison box" rings available through the web shop

Explore our new selection of poison box rings, each with a secret compartment for storing small personal items! They are made in sterling silver and feature a variety of different designs.


The Crow Haven Corner website has a new look!

Salem's Oldest Witch Shop features a new web catalog for your online orders! It includes new items available online: zodiac gift cards, pentagram wind chimes, and gemstone wishing trees! Please visit the Shop Online page to explore our magical products.


Lorelei's Stone Oracle

Lorelei proudly presents her Stone Oracle on, her phone psychic website! You may visit the Stone Oracle page and choose three stones, each with its own magical properties, by clicking on the bowls in the table photo. You may also call Lorelei to learn more about your three stones! (Please be sure to start a Click4Advisor account through the phone psychic site in order to make your call.)

Lorelei introduces her Stone Oracle in this new video!


Salem Saves Animals: "Salem's SO SWEET!"

On Friday, February 13th Salem Saves Animals offered a fundraising event for Salem's SO SWEET week! Lorelei and Leanne hosted this love event in honor of all animals. Crow Haven Corner sold Lorelei's Famous Apple Love Spells, as well as Love Potions made by Lorelei and Leanne with help from the Official Witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot! All proceeds benefited Salem Saves Animals.

At 7pm Lorelei and Leanne cast a Witches' Circle, and they called in Saint Francis to bless and honor our animal friends. They also performed Apple Love Spells with visitors seeking love and passion in their lives!

Lorelei donated all money from her psychic readings that day to Salem Saves Animals! Please consider contributing to her animal rescue cause by clicking the button below:


The Crow Haven Witches and Psychics of Salem!

Lorelei presents the Crow Haven Corner's new psychic reading phone service! Lorelei and her team of readers are now available to answer your questions about love and life by phone.

The psychic phone service is available at

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Salem Saves Animals: A Yuletide Festival

Salem Witches Lorelei and Leanne hosted a Salem Saves Animals Yuletide benefit at the Crow Haven Corner on December 14. Lorelei offered psychic readings all day!
Lorelei and Leanne also offered handmade magical Yule ornaments, to provide their guests love and protection. They completed the event by casting a ritual circle to bless the pets.
All proceeds from the readings and the event were given to Salem Saves Animals.

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Lorelei proudly presents new pieces of fine jewelry, in a variety of precious and brilliant gemstones! They are now for sale in the store and online on our Jewelry page. The Crow Haven Corner will be adding new pieces online!

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Magical Candles

The Crow Haven Corner offers hand-dipped taper candles in different colors for your magical and ritual use, as well as 7-Day spell candles blessed and magically charged by Lorelei! Now in the store and online through the Spell Candles page.

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"The Magic of Salem"

Salem's Love Psychic Lorelei and Salem's Warlock Christian Day were featured speakers in this new and widely acclaimed short documentary, made by filmmakers Kiva Liu and Silver Qi!

This beautiful film is available on the Media page.

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The Psychic Fair in October

Lorelei and ten of the world's most talented psychics offered readings all month long for Salem's biggest and most magical season!

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Salem Saves Animals: A Halloween Celebration

On Halloween Lorelei offered psychic readings to raise funds for Salem Saves Animals, whose contributions went to local shelters and Salem's K-9 unit.

At the Salem Common Lorelei dedicated rites to the memory of Puppy Doe and all animals that have died from abuse.

Please consider donating to this cause by clicking the button below!

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Mojo Altar

Lorelei presents a new Mojo Altar, where you can receive a bag of crystals, herbs, and potions, tailored to your personal needs!

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Mojo Ropes

The Crow Haven Corner now offers customized ropes, each tailored to your individual needs with a unique combination of charms, crystals, potions, and more!

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"Who Let the Dogs Out???"

On August 17 Lorelei, Leanne, and Salem Saves Animals hosted a fundraiser gala at the Hawthorne Hotel! It was a fun-filled evening with entertainment, dinner, and magic. Please follow the Salem Saves Animals Facebook page for updates on this organization.

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Katy Perry casts a love spell with Lorelei at the Crow Haven Corner!

In August superstar singer Katy Perry visited the Salem Witch Museum and the Crow Haven Corner, two of Salem's oldest and most famous attractions.

Featured in People Magazine!

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